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The Photo-Recombobulator is Working! ~ The Circus Em

The Photo-Recombobulator is Working!

A Ring-Master puppet stands with arms raised in triumph behind a banner that reads 'Success!'


The Photo-Recombobulator is working!

This is wonderful news. That’s me, Em! I can see myself. Wait a moment… is that what I look like on their side?

… You’re telling me, I’ve put together the greatest circus spectacle the Mind has never known, and all they’re going to see is a bunch of puppets noodling about?

… Well, I suppose we’ll have to make due, won’t we. No one ever said casting off the shackles of reality would be easy. Did I let the fact that I don’t exist get in my way? No, I did not. And, I shan’t let translation issues with the Photo-Recombobulator’s Reality-Transference Matrix stop me, either.  

… That’s true. I do look rather impressive as a puppet. I’m not sure they can perceive enough dimensions to comprehend my true form anyway. Fine. Let’s just continue, shall we. What’s next?

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