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The Tent ~ The Circus Em

The Tent

Now, to summon the Tent!

 Now that we’ve got the photo-recombobulator up and running, it’s time to summon a tent whose grandeur shall do justice to my fabulous circus. I do hope it has a baldachin. What a treat that would be. Now, stand back from your viewing slates; I don’t want anyone crushed when it arrives. Prepare to be amazed.

— POOF! —

Photography of Mr. Em, the puppet ring master, gesturing to a red tent about the same size he is.
Photograph of Mr. Em, in a gesture of surprise.

Hmm. It’s a bit smaller than what I remembered. Are we having some de-grandification issues with the photo-recombobulator?

… Really? Do you mean to say you mastered that transcendent dimensional trick? Impressive. You’ve really outdone yourself this time. I need to see this for myself. You always… wait… It’s smaller on the inside?

Photograph of Mr. Em stooping down and forward as he attempts to peer into a red tent.
Photograph of Mr. Em, with one hand on his hip and one hand upheld in a gesture of "perhaps."

… Well, yes. I suppose that is incredible, but how am I supposed to get in? I can’t be expected to run a circus from out here, can I? And, more importantly, how are they supposed to get in to see the show?

… Definitely not. You know what shrinking them down like that does to their digestive systems, and our sawdust supplies are in a desperate state as it is after that unfortunate incident with the unwishing well.

Photograph of Mr. Em, the puppet ring master, in a gesture of "ah-ha!"

…Of course, I’m not blaming you. I’m simply saying, this won’t do. We must find a way to re-biggerate the tent. In the meantime, I shall scout around for an appropriately grand locale. Right then, our quest is laid before us. Onward!

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